Paying off your mortgage early—smart or not?

Paying off your mortgage early is a hot topic in the financial world, but is it always a good idea? The truth is that even though on the surface it sounds like a smart financial decision, there are plenty of instances when it’s not a good choice to pay off your mortgage early (and there are some circumstances where it is a good choice).Read More

Ready to Sell? Don’t Fall for These Myths

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you might be hearing some common myths from family and friends (or even strangers). I’m here to bust some of these common myths with accurate information about what you can expect when you sell your home.Read More

Self-Employed? Here’s What You Should Know About Mortgages

Around 10% of all U.S. workers are self-employed. There’s an idea floating around out there that it’s much harder to get a mortgage if you’re a business owner. That’s not true, but there are a few things to keep in mind, and you’ll need to provide some extra paperwork for us. Here are the things you need to know about getting a self-employed mortgage.Read More

Congrats to our Ventura County Fair Tickets Giveaway Winners!

We had a blast celebrating the end of summer with a Ventura County Fair Tickets Giveaway!

The fair boasted something for everyone throughout all twelve days. We hope our winners enjoyed the fair food, carnival rides, grandstand entertainment, motorsports, animal exhibits and shows.

Our tickets winners were: Pilar V., Tammy S., Michael O., Luis Q., Mary C., Laura G., Kim G., Carolyn S., Diane S., Morgan T., Chuck W., Julie K., and Manuel G.

Winners of the 2018 Ventura County Star Readers’ Choice Awards

The results of the annual Ventura County Star Readers’ Choice contest came in!

We are honored to be recognized by local residents as one of the best mortgage companies in Ventura County in 2018.

2018 East County WINNER & West County FAVORITE

“CSMC Mortgage, also known as the Customer Service Mortgage Corporation, has a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing the very best customer service experience for clients,” said Jeff Baum, President and Broker of Record.

“We pride ourselves here at CSMC on exceeding expectations, and we are at your service every step of the way,” he said.

“We are a Ventura County-based company that truly cares about the community and is involved in many projects to help the less fortunate, and gives back in many ways to support various non-profits throughout the area,” Baum said. “Throughout our entire organization, we have created a positive work environment with a family feel that keeps our team focused on helping our clients.”

CSMC Mortgage is a sponsor for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life coming up on October 20th and 21st, and is also proud to sponsor Vino for Vets and Homes on November 8.

Easy Ways to Protect Your Home This Fall

It’s still sweltering for most of us, but cooler temps will be here before you know it. So much can go wrong with a house during the winter, but just a little babying will go a long way to make sure your home stays in tip-top shape all the way through spring (and beyond, with any luck). These are all quick, easy things any homeowner can do right now to prevent a disaster.Read More

Do you think you have to sell your home to fund retirement?

All too often, homeowners 62 and older are faced with the difficult reality that most of their cash reserves are held up in the equity of their home. Selling the property at market value, especially if the home is in good condition and has increased in value since it was purchased, is one way to free up the equity in the home, but it is not the only way. Accessing the equity with Reverse Mortgage Loans is an increasingly popular way for homeowners to stay in their home throughout retirement, retaining ownership and title.

It starts with a free estimate by a CSMC Loan Officer, where you will discover how much cash you can get out of your home.

When you select your CSMC Loan Officer for a Reverse Mortgage Loan Consultation, he or she will:

  • Explain a reverse mortgage to you
  • Explain the various reverse mortgage product qualifications and options
  • Explain the costs
  • Help you determine if you can afford a reverse mortgage and meet your financial obligations, such as paying your taxes and insurance

You earned your homeownership. You have the right to the equity that has built in your home. At CSMC, we build your Reverse Mortgage Loan around you: your needs, your goals, and the home you love.

“So, what’s my first step?”

Get started in the process by meeting with a CSMC Loan Officer. You can select a Loan Officer here, or simply request a loan consultation with this form.

Step 2 – Attend our Free Community Education Session on Reverse Mortgage Loans

After you’ve contacted us for a free consultation, come to our free Community Education Session on Reverse Mortgage Loans, Retirement Planning and Family Trusts on Thursday, August 2nd. This seminar will begin at 5:00 PM and will be held at the Simi Valley Public Library. Homeowners aged 62+ and their family are encouraged to attend. View details and RSVP here or copy and paste this link into your browser:


The City of Simi Valley is not sponsoring or endorsing this program or any goods or services offered.
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